Don’t Risk Your Important Data

DIY attempts by inexperienced technicians can cause irreversible damage

Our service begins with a comprehensive diagnostic at no cost to you.

We work on all types of hard drives and can reconstruct damaged RAID arrays. Initial diagnostics are performed in front of you – not behind closed doors – and we let you see the results in real time. Ordinary computer repair shops only use software programs to save and extract files.  This software-based approach, however, is not only inadequate in the presence of hard drive instability – it causes further, irreversible damage to the hard drive! iRepair Buffalo’s expert data recovery engineers use professional-level hardware tools to troubleshoot and image the failing hard drive. We have the equipment and experience to perform internal clean air work onsite.

† a small fee may be charged for extracting the hard drive from units requiring disassembly

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  • There is damaged software on the hard drive. Your data will be recovered using data recovery software.

RECOVERY LEVEL 2 - $225.00

  • Your hard drive is functional, but the data needs to be recovered and reconstructed.

RECOVERY LEVEL 3 - $350.00

  • Your had drive is damaged and specialized equipment is required to recover the data.

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Data loss is caused by two issues: software corruption and hardware failure. iRepair Buffalo is the most advanced data recovery laboratory in Buffalo, NY and we can quickly diagnose which of these issues occurred and can create a plan to recover your private data.


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